Rubens' Tube Parts List

Most of this stuff should be available from your local Home Depot or Lowe's, or whatever other hardware store you have handy. A few things aren't available there though, and I have identified where I got mine. See Nik Vaughn's Instructable as well for useful links to parts sources.

Quantity Picture Description Comments
1  1" x 8" x 6' pine board You need something to mount all this stuff to. We used a wooden board and painted it black (Home Depot sells black spray paint for $0.97). You need an 8" (or wider) board; the wall straps (below) are wider than 6".
1 4" x 60" galvanized steel vent pipe This is the heart of the Rubens' Tube. It comes open along the length of it (i.e., it's not a closed cylinder); you fasten the two sides together yourself. Drill the holes before you do that; it's easier to put a block of wood underneath the drill so you don't dent the tube. Once you've closed the seam, run a bead of duct sealant along it to seal it.
1 4" vent pipe cap Put this on the crimped end of the vent pipe, and use duct sealant to seal all around it. The speaker will go at the other end.

Home Depot and Lowe's carry these things in larger sizes, but not the smaller sizes. I ended up buying one at a local HVAC supply company.
4" vent pipe wall strap Use these to mount the vent pipe to your base.

Home Depot and Lowe's don't carry these. You might find them at a fireplace/wood stove store, but I ordered ours online.
 1 tube (none)  Air duct sealant Use this stuff (it's like caulk) to seal the seam of the vent pipe, seal around the edges of the end cap, and seal around the hose barb connections to the vent pipe.

I can't find a picture of this stuff, but Home Depot has it in the HVAC aisle. It comes in a standard caulk-gun tube.
1 roll Pipe wrap insulation tape You might not need this.

I found, after ordering them, that the 4" wall straps actually had a 4.5" diameter opening, and so I wrapped some of this stuff around the vent pipe to make up the gap.
1 ACME Nut Connect 20 lb. propane tank to vinyl tubing (also need a 1/4" FIP to 1/4" hose barb adapter; see below).

My local Lowe's carries these in the barbecue grill section (might be seasonal, though) but my local Home Depot does not. It's made by Mr. Heater.
1 1/4" FIP to 1/4" ID hose barb Connect vinyl tubing to ACME nut.
2 1/4" MIP to 1/4" ID hose barb Connect vinyl tubing to vent pipe (drill a 1/2" hole in the pipe, thread one of these into it, and seal the connector-to-pipe interface with duct sealant
1 1/4" ID hose barb tee Put the hose from the propane tank on the base of the tee, and the two hoses to the inlets on the tube onto the other two barbs.
1 3/8" x 1/4" x 10 feet vinyl tubing For connecting the propane tank to the Rubens' Tube. Note that you want the clear vinyl tubing suitable for use with gas. The outer size doesn't matter, but the internal diameter should match the size of the barbs above (i.e., 1/4").
 1  1/4" x 0.170" x 10 feet vinyl tubingThe diameter isn't critical here, although this is what I used. It's thinner than the gas tubing above. I took a short piece, slit it down the middle, and put it over the sharp edge of the vent pipe to protect the latex. I thought it was a more elegant solution than the duct tape Nik used.
1 0.025" thick latex rubber sheet For sealing the speaker end of the vent pipe. For a 4" pipe, you need a piece of rubber about 8" square.

I ordered a big sheet from Amazon here.
1 4" band hose clamp Used to hold the stretched latex on the end of the vent pipe.
1 4" diameter speaker You need a speaker as close to the diameter of the tube as possible. If you're using an iPod or similar to provide the sounds, then you'll also need an amplifier.

I ordered a cheapo pair of computer speakers from Amazon here, which worked fairly well.
 4  #6 x 1/2" round head wood screws    Two for each vent pipe wall bracket.